Latest development plans for St. Mary’s Lighthouse

We would like to apologise for the delay in posting this update. We were trying to get further information on certain aspects of the development prior to doing so.

A new planning application (Ref. No: 18/00239/FUL) for the restoration of St. Mary’s Lighthouse has been submitted. SMSW is pleased to see that the applicant (North Tyneside Council) has removed the wildlife unfriendly roof top balconies from these plans. This is a fantastic outcome and it was the overwhelming voice of the community to protect our local wildlife that made this happen.

A proposed 5m section of the causeway, at the point where the tide floods first, will remain at the existing level to maintain a stretch that will cover and uncover at the same time as it does presently. The idea being that even with the increase in the height of the remaining stretch of the causeway (minimum of 200mm with no maximum given) this will prevent any prolonged access to the island and associated increase in wildlife disturbance.

We remain concerned that a 5m stretch will be inadequate in ensuring no changes in access to the island, however we do see this is a big improvement on the original plans.

Whilst we welcome the opportunities for visitors to enjoy the visual and learning experience of the natural environment we feel further measures must be put in place to adequately manage the visitor pressure upon the island habitats and wildlife it supports.

SMSW remains supportive of the lighthouse restoration and improvements to the visitor centre and educational facilities but will be urging NTC to retain more than 5m of the causeway at the existing height and implement more rigorous and realistic plans to ease increased visitor pressure upon the wildlife sensitive areas.

To see all associated documents and make a comment go to Latest Planning Application