Helpful hints

1) Be familiar with the proposed plans

What will the wildlife-unfriendly viewing platforms look like?
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2) Know what to include

The Council can only take into account ‘material planning considerations’ (the things you can object to) when looking at your comments. There are many of these but we have listed the ones with feel are most relevant to this objection.

Valid Reasons:

  • Nature conservation
  • Local, strategic, regional and national planning policies
  • Proposals in the Development Plan
  • Noise and disturbance resulting from use
  • Effect on listed building and conservation area
  • Design, appearance and materials
  • Overlooking/loss of privacy
  • Visual amenity (but not loss of private view)
  • Layout and density of building

The Council cannot take into account matters which are sometimes raised but are not normally planning considerations such as:

  • The loss of a view
  • The impact of construction work or competition between firms
  • Personal morals or views about the applicant.

Explain in detail why you are objecting – the planning officer does not expect you to be a planning consultant so feel free to use your own words to express yourself.

Please feel free to use any of our concerns. You may have your own concerns and wish to object to them as well.

Useful documents

Advice on How to Object to a Planning Application

North Tyneside Council Planning Documents

You can view all 41 Planning Application Documents on the NTC Planning Portal. We advise you view the ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT and NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY for details. We attach here for download the most relevant planning drawings: