Development plans

Summary of the plans:

  • refurbishment and repairs to the existing lighthouse and visitor centre.
  • a single storey east extension with a flat timber viewing deck above with 1.35m glazed surround.
  • a two-storey extension either side of the existing link building between the lighthouse tower and the former Keepers’ Cottages with an enclosed viewing area and a flat timber viewing deck with 1.35m glazed surround.
  • upgrades to the causeway and increasing its height. Find out more about repair work to be carried out on the causeway.

Additional and amended documents

In depth:

You can view all 41 Planning Application Documents on the NTC Planning Portal. We advise you view the ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT and NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY for details. We attach here for download the most relevant planning drawings:

Why we are concerned:

St. Mary’s Seal Watch (SMSW) welcomes the restoration and renovation of St. Mary’s Lighthouse and Former Keepers Cottage and supports sensitive improvement to the visitor’s centre and educational facility.

However, St. Mary’s Island is first and foremost a nature reserve and a site with statutory ecological designations and should therefore offer protection and respect for all the wildlife that makes use of it.

Certain aspects of the proposed development will see an increase in wildlife disturbance and have long-term implications on the welfare of the wildlife, the functional biodiversity capacity of the site and learning experience of visitors and therefore is of grave concern to us.

We are objecting to this planning application due to the addition of the two inappropriately designed viewing platforms and a failure to provide effective mitigation to prevent further disturbance to the wildlife of St. Mary’s Island Nature Reserve which in our opinion will result in significant suffering for individual animals and have a detrimental impact on the wildlife habitats.

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We believe that it is our duty to take responsibility and ensure our natural heritage and the wildlife within it does not fall victim to inappropriate, unfit and unnecessary development.